The eThekwini Maritime Cluster (EMC) is a non-profit company that was launched in 2009. The EMC provides a platform for collaborative engagement between different levels of government, state owned enterprises and the maritime community to implement programs of common interest that support the growth and improve performance and competiveness of the maritime industry.

Vision The vision of the eThekwini Maritime Cluster is to create a platform on which stakeholders and role players can work towards the common goal of improving the competitiveness of the maritime industry thereby contributing to economic growth of the city, the province and the country.

Our mission at the eThekwini Maritime Cluster is improving industry growth and ensuring global competitiveness by providing platforms for collective working of government, private companies, maritime industry associations and state-owned enterprises.

In support of this vision the EMC has identified the following specific objectives: To provide a platform for role players to network with each other and to engage with government and Transnet to overcome infrastructural and institutional constraints

  • To benchmark the value chains of cargoes moving through the ports so as to improve efficiencies and competitiveness
  • To improve education and training for the maritime industry and to enable talented people to enter the industry
  • To foster the growth of small and medium sized businesses in the industry as well as the transformation of the industry generally
  • To improve maritime safety, health and environmental management
  • To foster the development of the ship repair and boat and ship building sectors which offer good opportunities for employment creation
  • To promote the eThekwini maritime industry locally, nationally and globally